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Fort St. Angelos (12 km from smrithi)

Fort St. Angelos is in the west of Kannur town built in 1505 by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francisco De Almedia. Though parts of it hare collapsed this fort is in a fairly good state of preservation.

Thalassery Fort (26 km from smrithi)

In 1700, the British built the Thalassery Fort on a small hill called Thiruvellapad Kunnu and in 1708 it was strengthend. It is an important tourist centre.

Snake Park at Parassinikkadavu (27 km from smrithi)

The snake park at Parassinikkadavu is situated 17 kms away from Kannur town. It is one of the known Snake Parks in the country. There is a large collection of Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

Parassinikadavu (27 km from smrithi)

Sri Muthappan Temple stands on the banks of the Valapattanam River. This pilgrim centre is famous for the Muthappan Theyyam performed every morning and evening. Pleasure boating on the river is an exhilarating experience.

Rajarajeswara Temple (30 km from smrithi)

The Rajarajeswara temple is a beautiful Shiva temple (Rajarajeswara is one of the names of Shiva) and is located at Taliparamba, Kannur distrist, Kerala, India.The temple is regarded as one of the 108 ancient Shiva temples of Kerala. It has a prominent place amongst the numerous Shiva temples in south India. If any problem is encountered in temples of South India, the final solution is sought in this Temple through a prasna, a traditional method of astrological decision making. The prasna is conducted on a peedha (a raised platform) situated outside the temple.The quadrangular sanctum has a two tiered pyramidal roof. In front of the sanctum is the namaskara mandapam. The temple has no kodi maram (flagstaff) as opposed to other temples in Kerala.

Ezhimala (40 km from smrithi)

Ezhimala, the capital of the ancient Mooshika Kings, is considered to be an ancient historical site. It is believed that lord Budha had visited Ezhimala. It is bordered by sea on three sides.

Mappila Bay (8 km from smrithi)

It is a natural fishing harbour, lying near Fort St. Angelos. The bay was famous during Kolathiri's regime as a commercial harbour that linked Kolathunad with Lakshadweep and foreign countries in imports. Today, it has turned into a modernized tishing harbour, developed under the Indo. Norwegian pact.

Valapattanam (15 km from smrithi)

This small town on Ihe Valapattanam River is well known for its wood-based industries and timber trade. Azhikkal porI and Azhikkal Beach are located nearby. Unforgettable, relaxing, house boat cruises are available here. It is also famous for its mangroves.

PAYYAMBALAM BEACH( 12 km from Smrithi)

Payyambalam Beach is a beach in Kannur district of Kerala in India that attracts tourists and local people. It often finds mention in tourism related publications as a beautiful beach. It has now a garden close to it. 

sculpture Mother and Child by Kanayi Kunhiraman is an attractive feature of the beach garden. A part of the garden is specially for children. Many movies have been shot in this location including the Maniratnam movie Alaipayuthey. The Worldspace ad featuring A.R. Rahman was also shot here.



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