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Rejuvenation therapies

With age, the body weakens and various ailments starts showing up. Smrithi offers rejuvenation therapy, which is aimed at revitalizing the body, mind and the soul. It helps in strengthening the whole system, toning the skin and generating a state of well being. The procedures include Sirodhara, massaging with medicated oil, intake of rejuvenative medicines, medicated steam bath and rejuvenating herbal face mask. This package can be availed for 7 or 14 nights.

Body Purification Therapy
Otherwise known as Sodhana Chikilsa, body purification therapy helps in removing the toxins deposited in the body. The body is first made ready for the purification process by two main methods:

  • Snehana Karma (Oil Therapy) – Therapy using oil and ghee preparations
  • Swedana Karma (Sudation Therapy) – Making the body sweat using Njavarakizhi, Pizhichil, Elakizhi, steam bath etc.

After that the purification process is carried out by means of Panchakarma.

Weight reduction programmes

Weight loss- Medohar Chikitsa -:
This program involves a complete detoxification of the body to remove toxins on a cellular level, before a sensible weight loss program can begin. Massages with herbal oils and powders help keep the muscles toned, break fat, and release toxins from the outer layers. Herbal juices and medicines, and purification methods readjust the system resulting in the loss of excess fat. Yoga, the right support, eating healthy, and a sensible program enables you to keep the weight off in a healthy and safe manner. 

Post natal care


 Traditional ayurvedic post natal medicated bath
 Herbal fumigation with herbal antiseptic antimicrobial agents to prevent vaginal infection and also for the contraction of the vagina.
 Customized daily abhyanga (massage) with herbal oils in the comfort and warmth of your own home
 Herbal supplements to support recovery.
 Herbal supplements to support recovery.
 Wearing of abdominal wrap to help in reshaping of the abdomen and back.
 Abhyanga (massage) for baby.


 Easier lactation and more comfortable feeding
 Provides deep profound rest
 Increases vitality, strength and stamina during the day
 Helps to guide your body back into its natural shape
 Increases overall circulation, especially to nerve endings
 Tones muscles, Calms nerves
 Lubrication of the joints
 Increases mental alertness, clearer thinking
 Improves elimination of impurities from the body
 Improves and strengthens all aspects of the digestion
 Increases emotional stability
 Eases post partum aches and discomfort

We strongly recommend newmothers who have just given birth to undergo the traditional ayurvedic body massage for minimum 21 consecutive days and if possible for 45 days.

Beauty care programmes

Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies depending upon the body condition of the guest

·         Herbal face pack

·         Face massage, Special head massage

·         Whole body massage with Herbal cream / herbal oils

·         Steam bath in herb enriched steam

·         Special ayur diet

Therapy will be under the supervision and monitoring of Qualified Ayurvedic Physician


·         The treatment improves skin texture, complexion and beautifies body figure

·         The therapy considers cosmetic ailments as part of general metabolic problem and hence corrects metabolic problems

·         Provides real nourishment to the skin

Duration of therapy: one hour thirty minutes / day

Antistress therapies

 Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies depending upon the body condition of the guest:

·        · General body massage with herbal oils

·         ·   Steam bath in herb enriched steam

·         · Sirodhara

       · Internal Ayurvedic Medicines

·         ·Yoga & Meditation

       ·Special head massage


Therapy will be under the supervision and monitoring of Qualified Ayurvedic Physician Benefits of Ayurvedic Relaxation

This is a special package for people suffering from job-related stress, strain and tension, i.e suitable for Senior Executives, professionals and businessmen.

       ·         It relieves Stress, Strain and Tension for a sustained period of time.

       ·         Also this package relieves chronic sleeplessness.

       ·         The ayruvedic procedure under this package ensures sound and undisturbed sleep

without the aid of harmful sleeping pills. Duration of therapy : Ayurvedic session 1 hr 30 min / day Yoga session : 1 hour / day



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